Essential Daily Nutrition

Daily Nutrition as it Should Be

EDN is the world's most powerful liquid nutritional supplement ever created. And here's why... It provides a perfect blend of more than 150 life-essential, cutting-edge nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, exotic whole-food fruits, rare herbs, enzymes, trace minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids - all in an easy-to-consume one-ounce serving. EDN provides the high-potency nutrition your body needs to thrive, stay healthy, generate boundless energy and build a strong immune system.*

Now you can get 150 of your daily vitamins in one delicious shot of liquid nutrition.

There are Five Key Reasons why EDN is Better than the Rest


With more than 150 life-essential nutrients, EDN is unsurpassed in providing "full-spectrum" nutrient supplementation. It's a nutritional powerhouse. Never before have all these powerful, optimally-balanced and up-to-date ingredients for everyday healthy living been available in a single product.*


EDN is specially formulated for easy digestion and absorption into the body. Because EDN is in liquid form, the nutrients will absorb better than any once a day multivitamin pill or tablet ever could. This means your body will get the full power of your nutrients.*


With EDN, there are no pills or capsules. No longer do you have to manage multiple bottle "inventories" to achieve high-potency supplementation. EDN provides complete daily nutrition in seconds.


You will not believe how healthy foods can taste good.


EDN helps keep your body vital and active by utilizing the latest advances in nutritional science.*

Take a look at what others are saying about EDN...

The American Medical Association recommends that every person take vitamins and minerals each day. You can increase absorbability of these essential nutrients with a liquid supplement, which some experts believe are up to 98% absorbed versus just 10-20% of multivitamins in solid form. Waiora's EDN is a superior liquid supplement that supplies a complete profile of vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, herbs and whole-food fruits in each dose." — John Z., M.D., Minn.

Our family takes Waiora's EDN everyday because of its ease of use, good taste and complete focus on all of the things we need in one simple, easy-to-use product. — Mickey D., TN

"I love how EDN allows me to get all my nutrients in one shot and that I don't have to take a handful of pills." —Stacey B., CA

"I have more energy, stamina and mental clarity, and am very pleased with this great combination of nutrients. I feel that everyone needs EDN for their own health and well-being." —Dana F., FL


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