Waiora's waiFIT Systems

Product Information

The problem with most weight loss products today is that they only target a few issues, when in reality, there are many factors sabotaging your goals. From toxic sludge, a failing metabolism and an overburdened digestive system to a hectic lifestyle, low energy and overeating. Waiora's waiFIT systems allow you to target these problem areas by helping you to
1) cleanse away years of build-up weighing on your colon, hindering your liver and layering fatty tissue;
2) energize your body's natural fat burning ability to help you shed inches and drop pounds; and
3) replace a meal with a delicious, protein-rich shake to reduce calories without leaving you hungry. Your only task is to pick the pack that's right for you!*
Unlike most weight loss programs on the market, waiFIT System has been designed to help you battle the bulge by targeting the key contributors to weight gain-
(1) an underperforming digestive system,
(2) sluggish metabolism and energy levels and
(3) poor food choices and portion control. Armed with a focused approach to helping you achieve your ideal weight, waiFIT will help you slim, trim, firm and tone your way to better health, improved self esteem and more self confidence.*