Our Compensation Plan

Waiora's organizational commissions provide you the most lucrative way to earn as you leverage the strengths of your business. With multiple ways to join and even more ways to earn, you've found the right opportunity.

Become a Member to (just buy wholesale) or to earn some extra income. I personally know people making $500, $5,000, an even $50,000 or more a month with Waiora. For me it means an extra $10,000 a year part time. It's all possible with a lucrative compensation plan that rewards you for all the right things. You'll make the most money every step of the way — whether you're a new distributor, someone building their team, or a top leader.


Earn up to 25% on the first order of those you personally refer (enroll) and 10% on those they enroll. Premier's earn 5% third level.


Join with a one-time 500 PV order and you'll have lifetime eligibility for this bonus. Then, anytime you enroll 5 or more qualified people in a month you get a big bonus! There's no limit to how many times you qualify or how much you earn!

Premier Program

Accelerate your earning potential by being part of the Premier Business-Builder Program. As a Premier you receive the added earning power of the Premier Bonus for every Premier you enroll; a 3rd level of FastStart earning; and instant qualification for the PaceSetter Bonus by simply enrolling one (or more) Distributor.

Residual Income — How to Earn

A residual income is simply the best way to earn money for the rest of your life. Waiora's organizational commissions provide you the most lucrative way to earn as you leverage the strengths of your business. Our floating 7-8-10 payout grows as you grow — matching the highest percentages of payout with the largest part of your business. Our compensation plan is unmatched in the industry. Our Premier Program gives people the opportunity to earn up to $500 with each enrollment. Join as a PaceSetter and take advantage of the PaceSetter Bonus when you enroll five others just like yourself.

Premier Business-Builder Program

Waiora's Premier Business-Builder Program is a way to put you on the fast track to financial rewards and rank advancement. The main elements of the Premier Business-Builder Program are...
• A Premier Business-Builder Pack
• A $175 Premier Bonus
• A third-level FastStart Payout of five percent
• Instant PaceSetter Qualification when enrolling only ONE new member

The Pack

The Premier Business-Builder pack provides a sampling of the finest and most efficacious health-enhancing products found anywhere. This pack is designed to give you products for you and your family to use as well as products for potential prospects and customers to try and sample. Also provided are some promotional business materials to truly demonstrate the power of this industry.

The Bonus

Upon joining, anyone purchasing our new Premier Business-Builder pack becomes eligible to earn the new Premier Bonus of $175. To earn the bonus, a Premier member must enroll a new member whose first order is the new Premier pack. But even more exciting is that when you combine FastStart, the PaceSetter Bonus, Organizational Commissions AND the new Premier Bonus, the enroller of a new Premier earns $500—it's that simple!
A Premier enrolling new Premiers is the fastest way to accelerate your income.

The Third Level of FastStart

Being a Premier entitles you to a third-level, five percent FastStart payout. This third level of FastStart provides incredible earning potential for every new Premier you and your team enrolls. Just think, for every Premier you personally enroll, you earn $500. You earn $100 for every Premier enrolled by your newly enrolled members AND $50 for every Premier enrolled by them. This can be the difference in thousands of dollars in payable commissions to those who are successfully duplicating Premier orders within their organization.
Even more, any Premier is also INSTANTLY qualified to share in the PaceSetter Bonus. This means that as a Premier you only need to enroll ONE new member to earn a $25, $50 or $125 PaceSetter Bonus (bonus based on the volume size of the new member's initial order).
As a basic PaceSetter, in order to earn the PaceSetter Bonus, you need to enroll a minimum of five to get the bonus from all five. Don't take the chance of only enrolling 3 or 4 and not earn the PaceSetter Bonus. As a Premier, you waive the "enroll five" requirement for the PaceSetter Bonus and earn it regardless of how many you enroll.

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